Who are we?


GRUPO RETIRO is the pioneering and leading company in Spain in the commercialisation and management of Property Life Annuities and Sales with Guaranteed Rental: investments which help Senior Citizens.

We provide a professional and independent brokerage service between those


Senior Citizens who wish to capitalise on their homes without giving up their use, and investors interested in this attractive property investment option, ensuring with our work that each operation is contracted with all legal guarantees for the parties.

GRUPO RETIRO has been managing these operations since 1996, and thus its extensive experience allows it to work with the best professionals of the sector, who possess an exhaustive and detailed knowledge of legal, actuarial, tax and accounting details linked to these operations, as well as the property sector in general.

The service provided to our clients, both for Senior Citizens and investors, goes beyond a mere property brokerage, as GRUPO RETIRO does not only carry out all the processes which the transaction generates (consultancy of the parties, preparation of deeds, liquidation of taxes, etc.), but also continues its professional services throughout the operation, providing support and responding to any need or incident with which the seller or the buyer needs assistance.

Inversionrentavitalicia.com is the main website in Spain dedicated exclusively to Property Annuities and Sale & Leaseback, and is a meeting point for Senior Citizens and Investors; the company providing both parties with the maximum guarantee during the transaction.